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New TA Q&A

New TA Q&A

Read on to hear advice and tales of both triumph and tragedy from fellow TAs who have been where you are and lived to tell the tale.

Quick Tips: Best Practices from the Community

Instagram feedback

Use Instagram to give quick and professional feedback to your students on things like topic ideas. It’s also a good place to host reminders and/or announcements in addition to anything you might post on Blackboard.

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Accessibility Tip: Make Your Deadlines Flexible

Do you have strict deadlines for turning assignments in? Are you worried that setting strict deadlines will make things difficult for students with busy lives? Feel free to use my deadline policy, which I adapted from www.accessiblesyllabus.com.

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Practicing Paragraphs Using Troll 2

So, you’ve explained how to write a thesis statement and given guidelines on good paragraphs. Now how do you help your students visualize that? Use the oft-cited worst ever film, Troll 2, to guide you!

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Emoji Lesson Plan for MultiModal Revision

This in-class assignment asks students to revise the plot of a film into emoji code. Emphasis can be placed on revision practices, multimodal texts, the variety of Englishes available to rhetors depending on their cultures and contexts, or all three simultaneously.

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